Your Dream, To Reality

When you undertake a home renovation, you are entrusting the center of your family life, and the largest investment you’ll likely ever make in the hands of someone you only know only by reputation and reference. The whole process is scary, and everyone knows of projects that have gone terribly wrong, have gone over budget, or been poorly executed. The relationship between a homeowner and contractor must be founded on trust and mutual respect for the homeowner’s dream to be realized in wood and plaster, space and light. When you choose Bortell/Stroud Associates, you are choosing a contractor whose goal is to create satisfied clients, period. We want your satisfaction to increase day by day, year after year of living in a space whose quality and character embody your dreams.

Contractors, with their insider knowledge of the process, have a choice in how they work. Some contractors use that knowledge to pad their own profits and move on to the next client. Bortell/Stroud uses it to establish a long-term, professional and personal relationship with our clients, and create for them unique living spaces that reflect their personalities, their families, and their budgets. Our team of experienced professionals will pull out the stops to deliver the best renovation possible. When it is done, you will be glad to see us go, but you’ll know that we’ve done everything we can to minimize the stress, and maximize the enjoyment and value you get from your investment. We want you as a client for life! That is our promise to you, and we back it with an unconditional 3 year guarantee on workmanship.