Bortell/Stroud Associates has broad experience in renovating every type of home, from elegant traditional homes, to homes with high contemporary style.  We work in all styles, including:

Traditional: Classic architecture and consistent details that evoke a particular period and place from architectural history. Examples: Federal, Victorian, Dutch Colonial.

Transitional: A blend of classic and modern architecture, with eclectic design elements creating a unique yet timeless effect. Transitional architecture combines tradition with open plans and comfortable living. Examples: Neo-Colonial, Pueblo Revival, Craftsman, Prairie, Ranch.

Contemporary: Modern styles with open plans, expansive windows, and high ceilings, designed for today's living styles. Examples: Eichler, Bauhaus, Neo-Mediterranean, Alexander.

To see a portfolio of our work, choose a room and then a style using the selectors below.  Then start the slideshow by clicking any thumbnail picture.