Can Renovation Be Low Stress?

We have thoroughly enjoyed our renovation projects from start to finish. His standard answer to our questions has been “No problem!” His integrity and attention to detail mean we can relax and watch the process unfold without worrying about the quality of the end result. – Kate and Rich Sands, Arlington, MA

It is the little things that make the difference between a happy remodel, and a stressful, annoying experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. No renovation is completely free of complications. But when problems occur, you’ll want a contractor that handles them with grace and integrity. You’ll want Bortell/Stroud Associates.

With Bortell/Stroud, you will always know what is happening on your project. You’ll be kept informed of any delays or issues when walls open up and old systems, damage, and poor construction become visible. You’ll know what decisions you must make to keep the project on schedule, whether paint colors, finishes, fixtures, or design choices. Communication is the hallmark of a low stress renovation, and your site foreman and Derek will make sure you are kept in the loop and that surprises are kept to a minimum, and handled professionally.

If you need something special, such as a temporary kitchen sink installed in a corner of your basement recreation room, Bortell/Stroud will make it happen. Your team will leave the site clean and picked-up every night when work is done. We’ll strive to keep dust and mess to a minimum, including blocking off non-work areas of your home with temporary walls and doors, and plastic dust barriers as needed. With Bortell/Stroud, you’ll always be treated with respect.

Some contractors bid the bare minimum on allowances, and will invoice you for every little unexpected cost. We don’t do that. We won’t nickel and dime you with every little thing. We include sensible allowances that match the quality you’re expecting, and account for the inevitable small, unexpected costs in your job’s cost. Of course, if there are major unanticipated expenses in finishing your job, there may be some extra charges. But you won’t get frequent small extra cost invoices. That means Bortell/Stroud Associates probably won’t be the lowest price contractor you talk to, but in the end, this approach often ends up costing less, and it minimizes your stress. There is a lot to be said for sleeping well at night, even when your roof is off! With Bortell/Stroud Associates, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the process, and will love the final result!