Blending Old With New

Whether you have your own architect or design professional, or need help in finding one, Bortell/Stroud works together with you and your architect to implement your vision. We’re up on all the latest materials and techniques: in some cases, today’s materials can be used to recreate elaborate architectural detail that would be cost-prohibitive to hand-craft from original materials. For instance, duplicates of moldings made from casts taken of authentic moldings from European mansions and estates are very hard to distinguish from real plaster. We apply them just like other trim work, and can give your home an old-world traditional look that would be very expensive to create from original materials. If your home calls for custom millwork, Bortell/Stroud Associates will work with the most skilled local craftspeople to create a perfect match, so that only you will know where the old ends and new begins in your home.

You expect your home’s character to be preserved when you remodel. It isn’t easy getting the nuances of architectural character just right. While most contractors can get close, Bortell/Stroud goes the extra distance with unique solutions to the hardest architectural and design challenges. The result: a renovation that stands out, and stands the test of time.